Our Work

Documentaries are a huge part of telling factual stories and engaging wit the audience.  Everything has story and we love to tell it with a means of emotional and psychological value.

Award winning Documentary “Ride Till I Die” 

Mini Documentary “Wake for Warriors”

Theatre is one of our biggest genres,  we love and resect the arts to the fullest and really love the collaboration of Film and theatre.

Theatre show “Sleepy Hollow”

Public service announcements are a great way to send a serious message to the masses by stating the problem and giving the opportunity for a positive result. 

Addiction PSA 1 minute

360 cameras are an innovative way to get stylized content,  this format of shooting is very versatile when it comes to what to shoot and your target audience.  Everyone loves new looks and we here at Image love to shoot with them!!! 

360 Camera work

Marketing videos are the gateway to getting your product or service out to the masses.  These videos allow the consumer to connect with the company and really attach themselves to the product.

Marketing Video for Theater show “Three little Birds”

What better way to celebrate your favorite song than to put beautiful visuals to it.

Boyz II Men “One More Dance”

Wake for Warriors 10 year anniversary 2022

Visuals from VOTE! (theatre presentation) at the Orlando REP 

With social media in fast growth there are numerous media genres being created on a daily basis.  Visual poems is one that we here at Image have adapted to our arsenal of motion pictures.

Award Winning Short Film “#onehug”

Educational videos tend to be very dry and can sometimes be hard to focus on especially these days with the short attention span.  We like to put a more subjective twist to keep the audience engaged by using humor or epic cinema tactics.

Promotional/ Industrial for the Orlando REP

30 second PSA

Education Video “Mic Placement”

Our passion here at Image is to make sure our partners are happy with what ever needs they desire but, we still get together and make movies like the good ole days.

Award winning short film “Burying the Future’s Past”

Arin Herd “Lie”

It is important to know where we are progressing and sometimes it helps to see where we came from,  Film is the Original source of motion picture and we try to keep that practice alive.

Uncut Raw Film Montage

Evergreen Terrace “Dead Horses”


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