Who we are


“Innovation is the key to growth, but you have to
keep the tradition of hard work and togetherness
to achieve limitless aspirations”


Through growing technology and creative minds our mission statement is to innovate the idea of visual understanding. We will go above and beyond our partners expectations to connect with consumers and audience members of all demographics to assure a strong presence in all fields of media.

IMAGE IN A NATION is a brand that focuses on the integrity of art to make films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and other media types the absolute best it can be with innovative ideas and creative intentions.

IMAGE IN A NATION is a phrase that collectively and respectfully adheres to a multitude of demographic, “Imag(e)” represents the outer core of our individualism and the means of our expression, The “(e)” in Imag(e) is in parentheses to represent the inner bond of equality with in the crew, partner and consumer.

(NA)TION represents the diversity with in the company, the expression of all, and the ability to reach beyond limits creatively.  The “(na)” is in parentheses to represent “innovate always” , we believe in the strength of the future and the progression of industry.

By learning from the growth of our history it is clear we have to invest in the future by focusing on our youth, technology, and trends that have longevity in our society.

With the letters of Imag(e) in a (na)tion in parentheses silent, we can now focus on the rest of the phrase,  The true meaning of innovation, creativity, togetherness and tradition….“Imagination”.

We are Imagination.


We are a production company that provides pre-production, production and post production services for motion pictures, documentary, commercials, music video and a multitude of media design clientele.

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Drop Warm

To get a better understanding of how we produced our logo Design

First we focused on the name Image in a Nation…to us, the most important word in our name is “Nation”

Nation- a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government.

Our whole purpose is equality with in the company, our relationships and our community…We believe in all positions and people being as equal as the next so we decided that every angle of our logo needs to be rounded, almost as if the edges are infinite and as one.

The idea of the “IM” as the letters selected seemed to be the best fit because we want everyone regardless of employee, partner, friend and even enemy to feel apart of our culture.

When you say or feel apart of something typically we would say “I’m” or “I am” apart of something where as the other option such as “I”  felt to arrogant or selfish, the letter “IN” were to familiar in other logos and “IIAN” seemed a little to much like roman numerals which was not the direction we were looking to go.

The circle is paying homage to the circle of life or all life as one,  The “IM”  with in the circle is attached and almost bleeds into the circle giving the impression of a global unity feeling also showing that in our culture Image in a nation is the blood line with in our company and community.

Once we created the logo we decided to emboss it to make it feel like an emblem…Something that would represent the company proud and also the people that support the company.

Also the emboss effect gives it a solid metal look,  this look is meant to feel like a solid piece of indestructible material metaphorically giving the company the same feeling.

All together we are excited about our logo work and we love working to deepen others ideas into logo branding.

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